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The 3D to 5D Ascension Earth SPLIT that is happening NOW

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Fler böcker av Robert E Pettit

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So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we'll match it. Thank you for sharing Vidya!! A lot of what your saying resonates with me. What are your thoughts on how I can manage this transition?


Hi Tammy—My best counsel to you is to trust your inner guidance and follow it. Know that physical discomfort can be part of the transition into a higher dimension and to not get too concerned about it, especially if it comes and goes. If it gets too uncomfortable, however, do get checked out by a health practitioner. Get all the outer help you need, while continuing to follow what your intuition is guiding you to do.

I am very sick right now. I got this dizziness for already three days.

I had this vision of another reality recently. It was when I close my eyes and relax. Was that the 5D? Hi Rojan—It might well have been a glimpse into the Fifth Dimension reality. In this process of growth I found we have tools to heal ourselves, I now live in the present and have consideration and love for all things living or not, everything has purpose even suffering.

I raise all negative thoughts to the Divine in hope to raise my personal vibration to be a light to others while on earth. So happy to have come on this today — Thank you so much for sharing — everyone. We are all in this together which gives me peace.

So much change — so many emotions — frequencies bouncing me around everywhere — cleansing — releasing — trying to love and accept myself and all around me as being in the process. I will be sending you all love —. I need help to enter the 5th demention. I tried to enter it but got stuck in the 4th and I cant get out. Just so you understand what I mean when I speak of the 4th dimension—the earth transitioned into the 4th dimension as of December So pretty much all of us are living there although we all have third-dimensional habit patterns.

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However, you may be speaking of some of the lower levels of the 4th dimension, which can be pretty dark. Are you sensing dark entities around you? Or really low vibrational energy? But what you can do is try to raise your vibration with positive thoughts and emotions—and with prayer and meditation and asking for help, you can probably shift out of the lower levels of the 4th dimension and experience some peace. The upper fourth dimension offers some beautiful experiences of freedom and love, in preparation for entering the fifth.

My blessings to you—Vidya. Thanks Vidya. I seem to be having trouble maintaining a good constant vibration when meditating. It keeps getting interpreted or stopping, making it very difficult to make any progress. Also is it possible for vibrations to be to high when trying to enter the 5th demention. You might want to find a practitioner who can help you with that.

These can create holes in the aura through which entities can enter. If that were the case, you would just pass right through it to a higher dimension. Good luck! Its actually karmic inertia once u put enough efforts u shall overcome it. It will happen naturally.

The 4th is a transition. The universe is trying to tell or show you something to get into your subconscious and accept in life. Once it grants you to the 5th dimension everything will merge together you will not ever know the day or time until you look at the clock. A memory of 10 years ago will seem like an hour ago. And a future wish will feel like tomorrows reality. This dimension is not for you just to say you are there. It is for you to live your universal purpose. There are 11 or 12 levels in the 5th dimension.

You will grow past each dimension as you become aware and catch the lessons of the universe and accept its purpose for your life and energy. When you get to the 12th level you will actually be on the same conscious level as the universe or divine energy itself. I have had an experience of talking with the universe or highest divine being highest form of energy It told me the 5th dimension is the highest dimension that you can go in human form.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

And that everyone will be in the 5th dimension in 9 years, by way of it using other energies to influence the mind to open to this energy. It said that negatives and positives are neutral until they are decided to be positive and negatives. There is no such thing as good and evil only what is socially accepted and not socially accepted. There is no God. The universe is no deity but it is a form of being that created everything.

It is very loving and amazing. You all will be able to talk to the universe the highest form of energy and it will easy talk through you in the 5th dimension.

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I entered the 5th dimension 3 months ago and it progressively took me the 12th level for a divine purpose. The universe that you say created everything is God as far as that is the highest form of every it is GOD. Entering into the Fifth Dimension is a shift in consciousness. You will just know you have made the shift, because so much is so different.

Generally speaking, the way to enter this consciousness is through raising your vibration high enough so that you have left all negative and limited thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, moods, and judgments behind and are experiencing life through this consciousness. Hello, on one of your other comments you talked about seeing dark entities in the lower 4th dimension.

Wake Up for Ascension to a New Earth - Or Leave by Robert E Pettit Phd | Waterstones

This has been going on with my husband for the past 3 months. He has lost so much sleep. He just started reading about the 5th dimension and seems like things are getting a little better.