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The review is my honest opinion and I was not paid for this service. The author gives us another great story with the continuation of Errol's journey in The Hero's Lot. The author continues to entertain the reader and draw them into the world of Errol. Carr is a wonderful storyteller with a creative imaginatio I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for the purpose of review. Carr is a wonderful storyteller with a creative imagination. This story is full of action and twists and turns to keep the reader glued to the book. This is one series that is hard to put down.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to read a good medieval times story. Dec 10, Janelle rated it really liked it Shelves: christian , fantasy , fiction , 4-stars. Even better than book one. So glad I have a copy of the third book so I can continue with this story.

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Jul 14, Kristin rated it liked it Shelves: reading-challenge , christian-fiction , fantasy. This is book 2 in the Staff and the Sword series by Patrick Carr. I hate saying that because the author is such a friendly and cool guyā€”participating on facebook and interacting with fans. I still admire that and I will still be picking up book three when it comes out! I felt it hit a lull in parts and the story did This is book 2 in the Staff and the Sword series by Patrick Carr. Once the story picked up I felt that it was a bit rushed.

I just felt a little bored and I have to be honest no matter how much I appreciate and enjoy the author. Truth is, you're not going to like every single book by any author. So please don't let my review scare you off from this fantastic writer. Jan 31, Jeff rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , read-in , best-of This series has come out of nowhere to be a big favorite of mine.

It continues to be a fairly traditional fantasy story, with a few twists. As I've said before, being 'traditional' is not a negative for me. I love a good story done well, and that is exactly what Carr has done here. If you thought Errol was put through the ringer i. His character continues to grow and evolve, despite the continued bad ci This series has come out of nowhere to be a big favorite of mine. His character continues to grow and evolve, despite the continued bad circumstances. How he deals with these situations, and grows with them is one of my favorite parts of the book.

He is that good.

Science Fiction Doesnā€™t Have to Be Dystopian

Just about everything you liked about those books, you will find here. This series truly deserves a wider audience. Sep 24, Athelas Hale rated it it was amazing.

I knew when I started this book last night that I wouldn't sleep. I stayed up way too late reading, and then started again as soon as I could in the morning; the highest praise I can give a book. Sep 24, Lydia Redwine rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , fantasy. My actual rating for this book is 4. It makes my eyeballs feel good. This rating means I have more issues with this second installment of The Staff and Sword trilogy, but it is also the second book in my favorite trilogy of all time so obviously I loved in for plenty of reasons! A MAP. There are soooo many places in this book and a map representing where they are in relation to each My actual rating for this book is 4.

There are soooo many places in this book and a map representing where they are in relation to each other as well as with details of mountains and water sources would make the reading experience far better. Which I really really liked except for the fact that I don't really like the guy. So yes, Martin. He's an interesting, realistic character, yes, but I don't care for him much or relate to him. More on that below I didn't really notice them until they were blatantly pointed out to me but now leaves me feeling rather irked.

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The compulsions I may be able to understand because perhaps it works different with different people but even this is never mentioned on the book. Rokah's idea of how women should be treated is rather twisted. She advocates mind games to Errol when he's pursuing Adora by claiming that Adora won't want him if she believes Errol doesn't want her while Errol believes at first that if you want someone you're suppose to honor and respect them. Rokah may enjoy mind games herself which is fine , but her pushing them onto Errol rather annoyed me. It all plays up to the "nice guys finish last" persona that I quite frankly despise and the fact that the author has implemented the idea from the FEMALE character irks me.

Had a male character in competition with Errol for Adora been the one I would have better accepted it even if it were extremely cliche. Yes, the kissing scenes are great ya'll know about my love for a well written kiss BUT Adora seems to get angry with Errol too quickly, and Errol at many times seems completely unconcerned for her welfare.

So do I ship it?

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In this book, not really. Every single one of the main characters acknowledges that God exists etc. And the only reason I have an issue with this is because in real life, in a real world with many places, there are differences in religion. Yes, some religious differences are seen in this book, but there aren't any apparent characters who are straight up atheist.

Even the frickin Morgols worship their horses! As for the "Christian" except they aren't called Christians don't really have much of a spiritual depth themselves or with Deas God which bugs me because why is religion so important to people but not something that the main characters actually think deeply about?? Martin has more of a relationship with Deas but I mean, he has to if he's a priest right?? I kinda feel like religion is just thrown into the story when actually it's far more prevalent in a deeper manner in the real world to even those who don't practice religion.

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Most people understand that religion is important, even if it isn't important to them, but that it is for others. Most people don't acknowledge religion as "simply being there" as most of the characters in this book do. There is sooooo much telling and far to little showing with scenes consisting of "this happened" and then "this happened" and the characters hardly give any reaction! This makes everyone in the story look like a piece of cardboard when in reality they could be so much more!

Yes, I just called my favorite characters cardboard As for why this book has stolen my heart It had more clarity on the religious structure of his nation. It had dangerous missions with a BIG reveal okay Plus his lack of physical strength left a comical aspect to the story. He's a smart, loyal character who could be a favorite if I could actually relate to him.

But she has some things going for her. She's independent minded, knows what she wants and is determined to get it, and is fierce and loyal. By the end of The Hero's Lot , we already glimpse her development and will see much more in book 3! So if you're extremely annoyed with her in this book, it will actually make you love her all the more later on! I would, however, like to mention that we do see a more vulnerable side to her in this book as well as her talents in healing which weren't a huge part of book one.

In this installment Rokah and can we talk about how much I love her name??? Still my favorite of ever even if he is kinda like cardboard in this book. We learn so much about him here!! Even with its inconsistencies, this aspect of the story turns the church from "perfect" to "it's actually kinda horrible cuz ya know This is a horrible thing but makes the story interesting. And ultimately drives the plot since Errol is under compulsion to go kill Sarin Valon.

Aka the evil dude. People and places. Hands down. The action and plot accelerates to a point that nearly saves the story from its cardboard characters. It's a really really good ending and one of the best I've read! In A Cast of Stones , the world building is minimal no thanks to the absence of a map and quite frankly, left me wanting more We also learn more of people called the Basquons again idk about the spelling because I'm too lazy to go back to the book and figure it out who have err So all in all I have issues with the book but also a great amount of love.

I would tell first time readers of this book that the read is worth it if you liked book 1. And book 3 is so much better!! Sometimes it's because of the choices we make, and sometimes it's because of the choices other people make, and sometimes it's just happens. And it's worth reading without seeing the spoilers for book 1 that will appear in the following review of book 2.

If you haven't read book 1, A Cast of Stones , you can see my review here. If it appeals, pop over to your favourite internet bookstore and download the book for free in Kindle, Nook or Kobo format. I have so many books in my to-read stash that I'd forgotten I had A Cast of Stones until a review caught my interest.

The Auriga Project (Translocator Trilogy Book 1)

It took great self-control not to immediately buy The Hero's Lot when I finished, and this time I went ahead and bought book 3, A Draw of Kings , to read immediately after book 2. I'll only pay that much for an exceptional ebook. This series is worth it. Enough rambling. Here's my review of book 2, with the aforementioned spoilers for book 1: The Hero's Lot continues the saga of Errol Stone, a reluctant hero who somehow survived the first book.

Naturally for Errol just when life is looking good, he's thrown back into danger. This time he's sent on an impossible quest.