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The new streetwear trend: Geezer Chic

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Twitter Roasts Grumpy Geezer For Rap-Hating Thinkpiece

All the money we make is shared with you. We don't take anything off the top! Select a file or Upload from Youtube Find out more. Suggested videos Old men make second UK rap video Old geezers perform live rap show Grime grandads new song comes out Friday 10th August Leicester rapper's video interrupted by police officers Toddler dances to grime artist Giggs "Talking the Hardest" Man hides bangers in loved ones' cigarettes to help them quit smoking Krept and Konan NME awards Newsflare Edit - Man hides bangers in loved ones' cigarette to help th Banger Racing with a car rollover, great fun to watch these races Filmed on Wednesday 20th March Source file resolution p.

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Old geezers perform live rap show. Old men make second UK rap video.

Session Expiration Warning

Grime grandads new song comes out Friday 10th August. Newsflare Edit - Old man makes a hilarious skateboard video. Old man makes a hilarious skateboard video. The track is called 'Diamond Geezer' and I had the pleasure of working with R. I've known R. He helped me through those first months and very soon we were making music together with Bred Pudding being the vehicle for most of our work so far.

Novelty Country | Geezer Rap | CD Baby Music Store

As for me, I've been making poetry, art, and music for 40 or more years. It's in my DNA. But R. I found it hard to believe. He's a natural, especially when writing straight from the heart, or straight from the hip, or even better - both! He gets angry about lots of things and shares that in his lyrics. He's sentimental too at times.

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He gives us the sense that if we all pull together things can change and change for the better. He says he's determined to not become "an old git". We can't escape getting older but we can do all we can to not get caught up in the "old git syndrome" complaining about everything but doing nothing to engage with what's going on now and be a positive part of making a better world.

Back to R. Had a heart attack in his forties. Later he talks about how his dad is now 'lost to the world of dementia' but at heart is still his dad, who he loves 'more than he'll ever know' and yes, he's still a Diamond Geezer! I could hardly believe it when he was elected as President of the United States but gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Watching his progress from over here in the U. I was moved one night to start writing and I grabbed whatever piece of paper was at hand.

geezer rap

I scribbled furiously and came up with the words to 'Donald Is A Puppet'. When I joined Little Onion at Opium Den Studios to record the track I discovered that I'd actually written the words on the back of my mum's recipe for 'Bred Pudding', well it's bread pudding really but mum had written it as Bred Pudding. I then thought it only right to incorporate my mum's recipe into the words and you can hear me declaim the recipe as a quasi-rap middle eight during the track. Yes, it's true!